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What will it cost you?

Services cost money - at first to the one who provides them. The organization, management and application for the customer of highly complex special information in the field of law cost money, even if handled in an economic way.

Examples for payments:

1. Billing on an hourly basis
Is based on our rates per hour and our time registration, which is drawn up once a month. You pay for every started 15 minutes.

2. Time-based flat-rate
A fixed fee is billed per month, irrespective of the actual volume of work during the respective month. The field of service can here be limited (for example to consulting by phone).

3. Lump sum
Here, our client settles a fixed amount for a specific service, as for example the issue of general terms and conditions or the registration of a trademark.

4. Billing according to the German Lawyers? Fees Act.